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Circulove skincare of pure nordic origin offers microbiome- and barrier protecting products - key essentials your skin needs. Circulove effectively combines all-natural beauty, social responsibility and circular design thinking - the essence of sustainable beauty.

All-natural clean beauty with microbiome and barrier-protecting ingredients

Circulove’s bio-active and clean skincare products optimize skin's health in a natural way. ​Circulove uses food-grade oils​ that are 99,8% pure with the majority being ​co-products​ from the organic food industry. Vegan probiotics and prebiotics​ support skin’s microbiome and barrier, balancing and nurturing skin's natural wellbeing after daily exposure to pollution, wind and sun, blue light from digital screens and friction from wearing masks.​ A​ ll products are vegan, cruelty free and FI-Natura Certified.​ ​A unique, ​natural scent ​from cucumber, white and green tea.

Simple steps for healthier looking skin - 3 multipurpose products

Circulove offers 3 highly potent, multi-functional products that can be used alone, together as a complete skincare solution, or just to complement your existing skincare regime. One of Circulove’s core values is to promote less consumption.

Circulove CALM Face + Eye Serum​ - A multipurpose probiotic face serum that provides redness-relief, long lasting moisture, helps to balance oiliness or dryness and protects against free radicals. Highly-concentrated, it’s formulated with 5 luxurious seed oils, vegan probiotics and prebiotics and 3 carefully selected plant extracts to fortify the skin’s microbiome. This is a lightweight formula that works well for all skin types, and is excellent for stressed, sensitive, couperosa, rosacea and combination skin. Key ingredients​:

Pure Oils​: raspberry, jojoba, and sunflower, hemp and rosehip. These luxurious oils are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids like omegas (3,6). Unique extraction method ensures that the oils remain nutrient-dense. Vegan Probiotics:​ Next generation microbiome-supporting ingredients, vegan probiotics and prebiotics: lactobacillus fermented oat and tapioca.

Plant extracts​: Lady’s mantle, lingonberry and blueberry extract with antioxidants and flavonoids protect the skin.

Circulove SMOOTH Face Oil​ ​- A multipurpose probiotic​ ​face oil that provides extra nourishment, helps to improve skin elasticity and clarify complexion. This nutrient-rich and highly-concentrated facial oil is formulated with vegan probiotics and prebiotics, squalane and 7 luxurious seed oils to fortify the skin’s microbiome. Suitable for all skin types, but especially perfect for dry and mature skin. Apply to moist skin - the serum is 100% oil based.

Key ingredients:
Pure Oils​: raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, grape, rosehip, sunflower and camelia. These luxurious oils are rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids like omegas (3,6, 9 and rare GLA). Unique extraction method ensures that the oils remain nutrient-dense.
Vegan probiotics​: Next generation microbiome-supporting ingredients, vegan probiotics and prebiotics; lactobacillus fermented Willow Bark.
Natural Squalane​ hydrates effectively.

Circulove DAY SPF 20 Face Cream​ - Probiotic moisturizing day cream for all skin types and all ages. It’s safe, mineral-based sunscreen ensures broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection SPF 20 and helps to prevent visible signs of aging caused by the sun and digital overexposure. Includes potent probiotics and prebiotics, shea butter, natural squalene and raspberry seed oil to fortify the skin’s microbiome.

Circulove skincare line is vegan, cruelty-free and made with 100% natural biodegradable ingredients, individually and sustainable sourced. About 85% of the ingredients are from Finland - the cleanest country in the world.​ ​We want to offer full transparency and a list of ingredients and their origin can be found on our website.

All Products are free from m​ineral oil, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, chemical sunscreen, nano zinc oxide, colorants, added perfumes or GMO.

Circular and traceable to secure freshness and efficacy

In Circulove, clean means more than just ingredients. We use green chemistry and small-batch production to secure freshness and efficacy of our products. All our products are marked with the best before date and patch number.

The bottles are 100% recyclable, based on mono-material with 30% usage of Ocean Waste Plastic. The first production batch removed ​49.286 pcs​ of plastic bags by local fishermen from the Java Ocean. Our bottles are designed to be airless to retain maximum efficacy, freshness, keeping contents germ free and ensuring that only the right amount is used so nothing is wasted. Also perfect bottle size for using on the go.

Beautiful package design by Ilkka Kärkkäinen @soHelsinki.

Founders’ greetings

Having worked with beauty, design and fashion for 20+ years, Circulove’s founder Päivi Paltola became increasingly concerned with the high levels of ineffective, non-traceable ingredients packed with superfluous packages she found in almost every product –this prompted her to start investigating how to use circular design principles in skincare to create more meaningful beauty.

“I wanted to create a true circular lifestyle, with clean skincare and no compromises. For me luxury is about taking care of yourself, your community and our planet. To make smart choices from both socially, ecologically and emotionally sustainable points of view. I wanted to challenge the concept of luxury in skincare - to make it smart, not redundant. Smart luxury is what I call a circular lifestyle.”

“We strive to do better with real impact on our planet, communities, and people through circular design. We are focusing on clean natural skincare, transparent supply chain, easy recycling, circular loops, upcycling, supporting local fishermen, women cooperative and small entrepreneurs while making probiotic skincare that truly works” says founder Päivi Paltola.

C​irculove is available on www.circulove.com and through selected re-sellers.

More information:
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