Research and Innovation as Tools for the Design of Natural Cosmetic Formulations

‘Inspired by the eternal synergy between bees and Greek nature, APIVITA places its passion and commitment to the environment at the heart of everything we do.’

Konstantinos Gardikis, Director of R&D

Founded in 1797, APIVITA (meaning ‘life of the bee’) produces effective natural beauty products harnessing the power of Greek nature with key ingredients derived from value-added bee products and medicinal plants, enhanced by cutting edge green cosmetology.

The brand follows these 4 pillars of innovation:
·      Capturing the proven protecting, healing and rejuvenating properties of pure bee products.
·      Expressing the infinite resilience of the unique Greek biodiversity.
·      Mastering the art of traceable, sustainable and clean active formulations.
·      Offering effective natural beauty products around the world.

Konstantinos has studied Pharmacy in Athens and obtained a MSc in Industrial Pharmacy and PhD in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology. His role now covers the development of innovative final products and raw materials for cosmetics and nutritional supplements, their regulatory consolidation and the management of research programs and IP.

Konstantinos has been awarded three innovation awards and is the inventor of 25 patents, he also has 26 reviewed articles in scientific journals, 3 chapters in scientific books and often lectures at Universities as well as many presentations in international congresses.