Re-designing the Good Life, Return • Refill • Repeat –A Closed Loop Programme...

The world's most natural and sustainable beauty products.

Jo Chidley, Founder, Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen's mission is to create the world's most natural and sustainable beauty products. 
With a wider consumer focus on true sustainability. Beauty Kitchen realised that simply Natural and Organic are no longer good enough. 
Through natural ingredients and sustainable packaging, Jo and her team are "re-designing the good life".
Their Return • Refill • Repeat scheme allows consumers to send back their empties to be reused in the next batch - creating the world's first closed loop solution for beauty packaging!

Founder, Jo, is a chemist and widely regarded as one of the pioneers of sustainable beauty, Jo is driving the beauty industry forward with better practise approaches. She is Beauty Kitchen's toughest critic, inspecting everything from the efficacy of the products, to the way ingredients are sourced, right down to the packaging sustainability for each and every product.