Filabé’s technology is a novel dermal delivery system.

Filabé of Switzerland’s products are cosmetic products based on a new delivery technology for active ingredients.

Markus Lehmann, CEO, Filabé of Switzerland

In short, Filabé have replaced the cream with a highly specific microfibre tissue. The tissue is loaded with dry, liposomized active ingredients. 

For use, the tissues are moistened and then used to massage the (facial) skin. During use, the skin is lightly peeled, cleansed and nourished with treatment specific ingredients. 
As the ingredients are dry before use, there is no need for stabilisers, fragrances, preservatives and a like. Filabé is thus the only skin care without ANY additives. 

The technology has strong potential also for medical applications and is scientifically proven to work. 

Clinical studies and also customer feedback show high effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The products are sold through Filabé's webshop in pharmacies and in selected practices of Dermatologists. 

The brand is positioned as natural, sustainable skincare for people with skin problems. 

The CEO, Markus studied economics at University of Zurich and after working as an investment banker started his entrepreneurial career back in 2005. He specialised in buying companies to unhide their full potential. He acquired Filag Schweiz AG, owner of the technology in 2012 and further developed the technology before entering the Swiss market in 2014. In 2018 new patent were filed and the brand repositioned as base for the now highly successful market rollout.