Sustainable Fruitilicious Cosmetics

Using ingredients derived from fruit by-products, FRUU.. turn potentially unused materials into fruitilicious skin products packed with fruity goodness.

Dr Terence Chung, Founder, FRUU..

FRUU.. source the freshest possible local ingredients to create small batch products ensuring you the freshest beauty products on the market! Using ingredients derived from more than 15 types of nutrient loaded fruits for realistic smelling organic products, FRUU.. also used ingredients mostly produced as by-products processed via food waste, generating vital extra revenue for small fruit farmers.

FRUU.. also prides itself in being an affordable yet sustainable brand with the ethos of ‘if you can’t afford to buy it, it’s not sustainable!’  Striving for the most responsibly sourced ingredients as well as cruelty free and vegan friendly a portion of all profits are donated to WWF to help preserve natural diversity!

 Terence founded FRUU.. in 2015 after working as a Cosmetic Science Specialist Technician at the University of the Arts, London. With a degree in Biochemistry, a masters in Drug Discovery and  a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Terance was well equipped to dive into the world of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals with roles in molecular biology research before entering the world of natural fruity cosmetics!