Is it possible to combine beauty and sustainability?

IDUN Minerals is a Swedish beauty brand focusing on products containing highly purified minerals. With the aim to protect and care for the skin, IDUN Mineral’s can only be found in pharmamacies, meaning that all products have passed strict product control and meet high quality standards.

Göran Agardh, CEO
Caroline Thunstedt, Sales and R&D Director

All beauty products are made from pure ingredients, with the focus on care and consideration for your skin, animals and nature and are developed with researchers and dermatologists to produce the best possible result.

Sustainability is also a key factor within the company, with constant reviews on packaging to insure the best recycling and sustainably packing materials are in place as well as focus on green transport with local production.

Göran founded IDUN Minerals together with his brother in 2011 and has been acting asCEO since. With education in the US and an MBA from Stockholm University, Göran has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years with experience and has see first hand how the industry has grown and changed when considering sustainability.

Caroline has a Master’s degree in molecular science and technology and joined IDUN Minerals in 2014 whilst working on her thesis project studying the surface of the nail and the impact of products. the result of this was IDUN Minerals nail polish collection. Caroline is also a trained makeup artist and has been head of product development since 2015, leading international sales in 2018