A new dawn for the Cosmetics Industry?

Why the World Needs Third Wave Cosmetics, Harnessing the Power of the Skin Microbiome

Kit Wallen Russell, Co-Founder and R&D Director, JooMo

JooMo uses the latest state-of-the-art developments creating products which have been designed at some of Europe’s top Universities and Research Labs. Their mission is to prevent confusion surrounding the natural cosmetics industry and inform consumers on what natural beauty products really are.

Striving towards third wave cosmetics, JooMo focussing on enhancing your skin’s microbiome, a concept which is sure to revolutionise and transform the industry. Following a form of ‘kind capitalism’, JooMo prides itself in fair and ethical dealings to ensure honest profit for all stakeholders producing a ‘safe, effective, ethical, environmental and healthy’ brand!

With a MSc in Geophysics and Seismology from UCL alongside multiple published scientific reviews, Kit founded JooMo in 2012 where the first ever 100% natural preservative free face wash was soon invented. He discovered that the only indicator of healthy skin was high microbial biodiversity, not the presence or lack thereof particular microbes. Kit then formed a partnership with The Medical University of Graz to test everyday products for their effect on skin health. This research has led to the development of cutting-edge microbiota technology at JooMo, rebuilding the skin’s natural immune system!