Prestige, professional and perfected cosmetics at an affordable price!

Be What You Want to Be

Heike Linnemann, Brand General Manager, KIKO Milano

KIKO Milano was  established and founded in 1997 by Percassi. It’s product range features cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments.

KIKO sumis up its vision of Beauty through its wide and diverse product range. Allowing everyone to express their own personality through their makeup and custom-made products. With a wide variety of colours and effects, KIKO provides makeup to suit anyone style, skin tone and skin type at any phase in their life.

Rooted with strong Italian values, KIKO's mission is to allow customer to experience top quality, innovative products without breaking the bank;

Learning from the fast fashion industry, the brand's innovation model is consumer focused and dedicated to delivering prestige, professional and perfected cosmetics at a consistently affordable.

Heike joined KIKO in 2017 as Brand General Manager with the aim to create a consumer centric, digitally savvy organisation and deliver the business turnaround. Her responsibilities span across leading the innocation- and product lifecycle management, merchandising and in-store communication as well as Consumer – and business Intelligence, PR, Digital Marketing, CRM, Media and the in house agency.