ALQVIMIA: Natural cosmetics made with love, from nature

07 September 2020 12:30 - 13:05

  • ALQVIMIA was born in nature, with a purpose to prove that we can create value from nature, without destroying it
  • Our secret is to do things with love, from the heart
  • Since 1984 we have created only 100% natural products
  • Idili Lizcano is the creator of the cosmetics, he usually dreams about new formulas, and can “smell” his creations from his imagination
  • Our products are aimed at providing a TRANSFORMATION (this is Alchemy) of the body, mind and soul, providing a life changing experience
  • We are not only a cosmetics company, we provide an awakening and life changing experience through products and experiences such as Workshops like our Female Empowerment Workshop, Eternal Youth Workshop, etc.
  • We are also a Holacracy driven organization, a new paradigm business, in which we value our employees and provide them with a series of non tangible incentives that motivate them, with the aim of empowering them and helping them grow both professionally as well as personally.

Drolma Lizcano, CEO, ALQVIMIA