Innovative HPP Cosmetics and Personal Values

07 September 2020 11:50 - 12:25

This presentation aims at showing the meaning of the information regarding the attitudes of customers in respect to the innovative HPP cosmetics products (High Pressure Processing). It is carried out within frames of the Means-and Chains (MEC) theory, which focuses just on links between  consumers and for instance innovative cosmetics HPP. Particularly, MEC theory attempts to reveal motives hidden behind consumers' choices via the laddering approach. The author also indicates the role of the analysis of ‘tailored needs’ visualized in the Nain’s Pyramide. Better understanding of which characteristics of innovative cosmetics HPP is significant for recognizing  basic motivators for consumers seeks. All these can create feedback messages for producers to reach the milestone market success.

Agata Angelika Rzoska, PhD Student, University of Economics in Katowice