Skin Microbiome Biodiversity: The Research

08 September 2020 15:40 - 16:15

There is a skin allergy epidemic raging across the western world, which has been suggested by some to be linked to the rise in the use of synthetic chemicals in modern cosmetics. JooMo Co-Founder, Kit Wallen Russell reveals his new groundbreaking peer-reviewed and published research, and gives details of the discovery of an extraordinary link between the biodiversity of the skin and its health, and the subsequent development of the first mechanism to test for skin health. Using this mechanism for the first time, on-going studies to test whether it is modern cosmetics damaging the skin’s microbiome in the western world have already shown, in published research, that they are a contributor. ‘Third Wave’ cosmetics are proposed as the solution to the skin allergy epidemic, heralding a new era of health-conscious, research-driven companies selling honestly labeled products, which are 100% truly natural.

Kit Wallen Russell, Head Researcher Pavane Research Centre and Director of JooMo, JooMo